How would you describe your sound for people who don’t know you?

We write very melodic songs, and the lyrics (although oblique at times) are about real things that happen in real life. To get the full picture you’ll just have to listen…

What’s next for you guys?

At present it’s hard to say – we’re still quite surprised at how the first album has been crossing over and connecting with people as of late. It was released just over a year ago now, but the last two months have been crazy in terms of the attention we’ve been getting! We were astounded that we were trending on Twitter with virtually zero radio & press support! The immediate thing on the radar is to get going on the second record… All the songs are written, and we just need to go in and document it in the same way that we did with the first one. It’d be nice to put out a single before the summer and maybe do a couple of gigs to support that, but nothing is set in stone just yet!

Who were your main musical influences growing up?

We love all the classic bands and they’ve all had a slight influence… Roxy Music, The La’s, Beach Boys, The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Cure are the ones that stand out…

Which song do you wish you had written?

There’s literally hundreds, but I’ll go for Changes by David Bowie.

Have you got any advice for new bands starting off at the moment?

For a start you have to love it and not see it as a sustainable career, as it’s virtually impossible to make enough money to support yourself through just being in a band at the moment unless you’re Coldplay or Foo Fighters. You have to keep going, stay true to what you are and believe in your ability.

What are your hopes for 2012?

We’d love to get the second album out and for everybody that was into the first album to get into it in the same way. This new album is a sequel to the first lyrically and a progression musically – it’s a little funkier and more rhythymic in some ways, but there’s still the usual hit of melancholic indie pop that everybody seems to be loving. It’d also be cool to get a little more radio and press attention, as we feel we’ve been ignored to a degree, especially by the likes of XFM Manchester. They really should be supporting bands from Manchester that are connecting with young people in a big way.

What comes first for you – the lyrics or the music?

It’s different every time. If there’s a strong lyric it’s about the band coming up with music strong enough to support this, and vice versa if there’s a cool riff knocking around.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to the band?

Probably the last month or two, with the massive surge in interest around this album. We truly never expected this and weren’t even sure whether a second album would even be a going concern. It’s certainly a great ego boost, if nothing else, and it does restore our faith in the fact that some people actually have great taste!


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