How would you describe your music for people who don’t know you?

I’d like to say gloomy folk. Florence Welch meets Elena Tonra on a windy day.

You’re working on an album right now – how’s it going?

It’s going well. I was hoping to have a lot more recorded by this point but people have been really busy so I’ve had to make do with what I can. I’ve written it all and what I’ve recorded is sounding really great. I’m enjoying it.

What are the stand-out tracks so far?

I think there are a few – my personal favourites are new songs called Corridors and Atlas, and obviously the single Anchor Bleed really sticks out.

What’s your favourite song to play live?

I always like to start my set with Hollow from my Leaving The Woods EP. I’ve got a completely different arrangement of it live and I’ve made the song longer; it’s sounding a lot darker than the original on the Leaving The Woods EP.¬ I felt I couldn’t really achieve the sound I wanted on the EP for this track, but it’s sounding really cool live and I can’t wait to rerecord it.

What’s your favourite track on the last EP and why?

I think from the last EP my favourite would probably be either Hollow or Ghosts. I’ve already explained Hollow, but Ghosts is quite a unique sound. It really didn’t take me very long at all to write and record it… It’s interesting.

Which song do you wish you had written?

Wow, that’s a hard one. Lots of them. If I had to choose one I would pick Take Care by Tom Rosenthal. The simplicity of this song is immensely beautiful.

Who’s your ultimate icon and how have they influenced you?

I find Daughter really infectious. I think Laura Marling and James Vincent McMorrow are the big ones for me. I love how on Laura’s new record the emotive darkness of it sort of resonates throughout – ¬ it’s an idea I’ve been playing with a lot too. James¹s debut I’ve just had on replay for months. I’m really greedy with songs because I always overplay them so I’ve had to force myself to listen to other material sometimes.

What made you get into music?

I’ve always loved music since I was a really young child, but I think as I’ve gotten a bit older and discovered songwriting it’s really been an outlet to express the ideas that I have from day to day. As I live in Singapore and am from the UK a lot of my music helps me to shake off homesickness and other similar ideas.

What do you hope to do before the end of 2012?

Well, I’d love to release something, whether it’s a single or an EP just to get what I’ve been working hard on out there. There¹s a lot more from Anchor Bleed waiting to be put out.

You’ve been getting a lot of support for the singles and EP you’ve released – how do you feel about this?

It’s been nice. All I want is for people to listen and connect with the music. Like I’ve said, I’ve got so many songs and ideas that I would love to get out there, so there’s more to come from just the EP and Single.

Describe yourself in three words?

Singer Songwriter Melancholy.


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