You’re releasing your Greatest Hits compilation Finest Selection in August – why did you decide that now was the right time to do it?

‘It just felt like the time was right, really. I mean, the fans have been asking us to release a greatest hits compilation for a long time so that they could have all of our singles on one CD, and now that we’ve had our number one single… We’ve been together for seven years now, and it just felt like the right thing for us to do. We also wanted our tour this year to be something different, so it was also just a nice opportunity to get out there and play the hits.

What’s your favourite song on the compilation?

‘I’ve got two, actually. One of them is Notorious, and the other is Higher. I love Notorious because I love the video for it, and I love Higher because it’s a really feel-good song that everybody seems to know the words to. Higher’s just a really typical Saturdays song, so I just really like it.

What’s your favourite Saturdays song that didn’t make it on to the Greatest Hits?

‘That’s a tough one… I think it’s a song called Chasing Lights, from our first album. I love that one – it’s just a typical pop ballad with lovely lyrics, so I’d probably say that one.

How did it feel to finally get a number one single (with What About Us)?

‘Oh my God, it felt absolutely amazing. We’ve been together now for seven years, so to have a number one single after six years of being together was just fantastic for us. We had the biggest party to celebrate with all our family and friends, and it was just absolutely amazing. I’ve got plaque they give you when you get a number one up in my house so that you can see it as soon as you walk in, so I’m definitely really proud of it!



You’ve just unveiled your new single – can you describe it for us?

‘It’s a really upbeat party track – you’ll definitely hear it in the clubs. It’s a bit of a summer anthem, and it’s just very much like The Saturdays. It’s produced by Xenomania, too, and they did all of the Girls Aloud stuff, so we’ve got high hopes for this one!

You’re also heading out on tour in September – are you excited?

‘I’m SO excited! Touring is my favourite thing to do. I love going to all the different cities and seeing all the fans, and getting to perform every night is just something we’ve always dreamt of. I can’t wait.

Do you prefer playing the fast songs or the slow songs?

‘It’s weird, actually – if we’re at a festival, I definitely prefer to do the fast ones, but when you’re on tour you’re performing in front of your own crowd, so it’s nice to slow things down a little bit and just take a moment to appreciate everything. It varies.

What’s your favourite song to play live?

‘I love doing What About Us, because that just always gets the crowd going! It’s good fun.



You girls spend a lot of time together, but which member of The Saturdays has the most annoying habit?

‘We’ve all got our bad habits… To be honest, mine is probably the worst – I’m always late for everything, and it drives everybody mental! Vanessa’s got a bad habit, too – you can be talking to her for hours without realising that she’s been daydreaming and hasn’t heard a word you’ve said!

What are your plans for after the tour?

‘We’re going straight into the studio after the tour and releasing another album, so there’ll be another album coming out soon after the tour.

‘I think the new album’s more likely to sound like our newer singles, as opposed to the more classic pop sound of our earlier stuff.

‘We love doing the classic pop ones, but more recently our party and dance singles have been doing well, so I suppose we’ll keep going with that sound. That’s also reflective of the general sound that’s ‘in’ at the moment, too, so it’ll probably be in the vein of that.

Who’s your ultimate musical icon and how have they influenced you?

‘For me, it’s definitely Britney Spears. I think she’s just the ultimate pop star. I mean, there are obviously people like Elvis and Michael Jackson who are legends, but it’s always been Britney who inspires me. I think that she puts on the best stage show, and she just does it all. She’s the ultimate performer.



Have you got any advice for any aspiring singers out there?

‘I’d just say to never give up. This industry is so competitive, and you’re always going to get knocked back, but don’t let it bring you down. Make sure you practise as much as you can, and make sure that you’re thick-skinned enough to cope with it.

Do you find it tricky to balance your personal life with the pressures of being in the public eye?

‘It’s definitely something I’ve had to learn to get used to. It used to be quite upsetting to me to read about myself, but I’ve learned to live with it. I’ve just realised that one day they might say something horrible, and the next day that might say something nice, so I suppose the lesson is to never take it personally.

Out of every song ever recorded, which do you wish you’d written?

‘It’d be Someone Like You, by Adele. It’s just a beautiful song with great lyrics, and it’s just timeless! She can do no wrong to me, and I think she’s absolutely amazing. I’d love to see her live some day!

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?

‘Umm… I can remember quite a surreal moment. We were performing at Radio One’s Big Weekend, and then as soon as we came offstage we got a helicopter to the airport, where we flew over to Asia. When we got to the airport in Asia there were loads of fans there waiting for us! It just felt like a showbiz moment, and it was so ridiculous to know that our music had travelled so far.

Describe yourself in three words?

‘Happy, determined and romantic.


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