This is absolutely brilliant.

This morning, Oxford-based indie label Alcopop! Records (which, coincidentally, is home to a fair few brilliant artists) bought the domain name The domain was/is home to the website of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Alcopop! even posted the order confirmation from domain registrar GoDaddy on Facebook:

The label’s Jack Pop claimed that the label ‘bought the domain at around 10.30am for £200 (which seemed steep, but y’know)’. Sadly, UKIP/GoDaddy had something to say about this. Alcopop! posted this on Facebook just after 1pm:

‘Sorry guys – the internet has let us down. This morning we legitimately purchased the UKIP website for £200 (confirmation here). However, Go Daddy seem to have given it back to them (no sign of a refund yet). Genuinely gutted. We’ll be back Farage….’

Hats off, Alcopop! Records.

Check out Alcopop! artist Brawlers’ Two Minutes EP:



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