Let’s get one thing straight – Honey Moon make ‘cool’ music. It’s understated, it’s minimal, and it’s perfect for the 10” vinyl it’s being released on. It’s the kind of music that could just as easily get you up and going on a cold morning as it could help you wind down on a long summer evening, and we can’t get enough of it.

The four-piece’s debut offering brings mellow, vintage guitar sounds, and laid-back riffs that shine next to gritty, honest vocals. A collection of four enamoured love songs, Honey Moon will bring out the inner hippy in you with their warm and fuzzy grooves.



The intimacy and warmth captured in the recording are wonderful; you feel as if you’re in a private gig that the boys are playing in your front room. With deep, smooth basslines that bounce alongside subtly driving drums, the EP manages to maintain a delightful energy without being brash.

The EP opens with the bright, fresh Ellie, and leads into the blissful Tripping (On the Thought of You) – it’s a dreamy ode to the ecstasy of being in love, and it’s really rather good. Waiting has something undeniably British about it, and would be a great addition to any Guy Ritchie movie soundtrack. Finally, the closing I Saw You In A Dream starts life as a tantalising ballad, before finishing with a euphoric ascension of sound.

Honey Moon’s debut EP is a delightful taster of what is to come from this London indie rock band. We can’t wait to hear more.


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