Bassist Bruce Foxton’s band are keeping The Jam alive

‘I was heartbroken when Paul Weller split up The Jam. They’d become a huge part of my life; I’d take All Mod Cons to my Desert Island, I was outside the record shop the day Going Underground was released to get the gatefold sleeve with the free live single, I’ve travelled miles to see them… The list goes on.’

‘With all the sad losses the music business has seen in January, what a privilege it was to be able to celebrate a great band simply because one of the band members is out there still playing. Bruce Foxton’s From The Jam let a packed Barnstaple Factory revel in all that was great about The Jam, playing the songs just as they should be.’

‘This was The Public Gets What The Public Wants tour, and we got exactly that. Kicking off with Town Called Malice, they piled gloriously through Eton Rifles, When You’re Young, Strange Town, Smithers-Jones, That’s Entertainment and many more to the delight of the sweaty, pogoing crowd – all thoughts of dodgy knees and hips forgotten for the evening. Down In The Tube Station, In The City and Going Underground were the highlights of the encore.’



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