Sensitive solo artist has brilliant taste in music (and he sounds good live, too)

Meet NYC. He’s a singer/songwriter, he’s from Wigan, and he writes sensitive pop ballads that are guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. Here’s a Selfie Session that he filmed for us recently – he’s performing his track In The Morning, and we think he sounds great:



Pretty good, eh?

We agree. We also asked NYC to put together a playlist of some of his favourite songs, and he responded with a list that’s packed full of more classics than an anthology of Greek literature. There’s genuinely something for everyone; whether you’re a fan of angsty nineties indie-rock or are just partial to some contemporary lovelorn piano ballads, we can guarantee that there’ll be something in this collection that you’ll adore. Check it out:



Here’s some more from NYC…

Here’s the music video for NYC‘s track Breathless:


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