‘I write songs to cope.  I’d like to say I write songs to heal, but that may be asking too much…’

It is a rare thing to see an artist choose to forgo the safety of an image in an attempt to strip every emotion down to its most honest and vulnerable state, but that’s exactly what the talented Vince Grant chooses to do.



He’s beaten his demons

Struggling with both alcohol and drugs can derail the best of them, but for Vince, this was a challenge he would accept and overcome, and this is made even more impressive by the fact that he defeated those demons in the midst of a heavy depression. Music has always been something of a cathartic entity in Vince‘s life, and, soon after his recovery, he wrote and recorded his five-song EP ‘My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me‘.

One may be inclined to believe that this collection might be a bit too heavy on the sadness for the listener to fully absorb in a positive state, but they would be wrong. The entire EP has a thread of hope running through it, a sense of confidence in the vulnerability of it all, and a definite desire to overcome the darkness that follows Vince Grant.



Vince is connecting with the people who need it the most

Vince Grant attempts to connect with the world around him, reaching out to the ones that might also be struggling with the pain that depression can bring. Remember, this is a disease that many feel ashamed of having, and so they suffer in their silence and loneliness, and it is true artists like Vince Grant who shine a light over the darkness by placing their own darkness on display. Vince‘s new EP is a powerful and thought-provoking of songs by a genuinely talented musician and songwriter, and one that we can’t recommend highly enough.


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