Our very own Ryan Donnelly thinks that Estonian synth-lovers Tehnoloogiline Päike are brilliant, so we got him to tell you why:

With their most recent album Technological Sun, Tehnoloogiline Päike seeks to put Estonia on the musical map. They’re undeniably talented, but that comes at a price; for every moment of brilliance on the album, there’s a bundle of obscure synth riffs, and that could divide opinion amongst listeners. For some this will be an easy album to absorb, while others this will no doubt be a challenging pill to swallow.



The lead single is really rather good

Breaking It is the lead single off of Technological Sun – it’s a fusion of Sigur Ros meets Interpol meets Daft Punk, and it fits the album’s overarching theme of being both catchy and challenging. It’s both memorable band haunting, both hopeful and dark, but mostly, it’s a great way to be introduced to this very interesting band.

Elsewhere, If I Just Die is in the same vein as Owl City and Death Cab For Cutie, with the addition of sweet female vocals. Although the title might sound a bit aggressive, the song itself is actually quite soft and pleasant. Sure, it’s a bit too on the quirky side, but I’m sure this song will resonate with many listeners. The ending has a great payoff, too, so make sure you stick around for that.



The real highlight comes at the end

Final track Remember Me is a true emotional gem of a song. If you’ve heard of a song called The Carnival Is Over by Dead Can Dance, then you’ll have a great idea of the vibe that Remember Me has. The song is dark, and a bit unsettling, but also very beautiful, and it’s definitely one of my favourites from the album.

Technological Sun is one of those albums that will no doubt gather its fair share of loyal fans, just as it will surely challenge some other potential listeners a bit too much. The album is a true creative force, filled with great highs and emotional lows, and if your mood is just right, you will truly feel the emotional depth of this album. I highly recommend it.


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