The Salt Lake City band are worthy of your attention

What is a Night Marcher?

Simply put, a Night Marcher is the ghost of an ancient Hawaiian Warrior. A fitting name for a band that feels very much like they have fought through some of their own personal demons to get this far. With their release of the truly inspired album Modern Maze, Night Marcher are focusing on bringing us something fresh within the genres of rock, soul, and psychedelia. Solely produced and written by the talented Rob Reinfurt, the album is filled out by the bass skills of Austin Nicholsen, the drumming of the methodical Shaun Thomas, and star player (and keyboardist) Peter Adams.




It really is rather good

Album highlight Mistakes delves deeply into the emotional subconscious. It feels a bit like Nine Inch Nails meets Interpol, but with a twist; with ethereal vocals, distant pianos, and the familiar gritty drums, this song is beautiful all the way through. What is most impressive, though, is the cinematic journey this song takes you through. What starts out as a simple song soon progresses into something much bigger, and it’s a pleasure to listen to.

One thing that is abundantly clear about Night Marcher is that they play for themselves, with their full trust in the unique sound they have created, and that they care about creating music that others will want to hear. In many ways, Night Marcher is a very abstract band, but somehow they manage to hold every song together with a thread of musical genius that saves them from falling into obscurity.


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