The summery singer/songwriter has compiled an awesome collection

Joana Serrat writes catchy acoustic pop songs, and we think that she’s great. This one’s called Cloudy Heart, and it sounds quite a lot like this:



She’s rather good, isn’t she

We really, really like what we’ve heard from Joana Serrat, so we thought we’d ask her to dig deep into her iPod and put together a little playlist of a few of her favourite songs.

You can find the full playlist at the bottom of the page, but here’s Joana telling you a little bit about some of the songs she’s picked out:

Mojave 3 – In Love With A View

‘Neil Halstead has become one of my primary musical references. I adore his discography as Mojave 3 (and his solo career). In Love With A View was the first song of his that I listened to, and I really got stuck to this song and the full album Excuses For Travellers. I love the melancholy and the intensity of the songs.



The Wooden Sky – It Gets Old To Be Alone

‘Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun was the album that led me to Howard Bilerman. I just fell in love with these songs and with their sound. You can really feel the songs breathing. Gavin Gardiner is one of the most intuitive musicians I have ever worked with.



The Deep Dark Woods – Never Prove False

‘This band is one of my biggest discoveries. Ryan Boldt is a great singer-songwriter: he has the power to make you feel attached to his songs, he moves you, and you feel like you get to be installed right in your soul. As I see it,  Never Prove False is a masterpiece.



Blaze Foley – Clay Pigeons

‘One of my favourite singer-songwriters. I love his guitar playing, the communion between his voice and the sound of the six strings, and the way he tells common things. His life was full of obstacles – he really feeds the legend of the damned singer-songwriters.



Pep Laguarda – Cims i Abismes

‘Pep Laguarda is a singer-songwriter from Valencia, and he released an album called Brossa d’ahir in 1977. The album was produced by Daevid Allen and recorded at his mythic studios in Deià (Mallorca) with the Tapineria band. It’s a mixture between lysergic folk and Mediterranean song that featured important musicians from the Catalan culture, like Pau Riba and Joan Bibiloni. I ran into this album last year when we were touring around The Netherlands and just fell in love with the dynamics and the lyrics.



Listen to Joana’s full playlist:


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