Ryan Donnelly offers up some thoughts on the introspective Canadian

Recognised as an innovative alternative artist, Robert Nix pushes the boundaries of the norm by breaking through some very interesting musical walls. He’s currently promoting his edgy single Won’t Go With The Flow, and we think it’s pretty interesting. The track itself has a strangely haunting, Joy Division-esque air to it – it’s truly dark and introspective, and its talk of struggling with the status quo and where we ultimately fit in to it will no doubt resonate with a lot of listeners.



It’s one-part Alternative, mixed with another part New Wave, and a bit of pop-synth

Once In A Blue Moon is not an album everyone will immediately absorb. It runs the gamut of genres without hesitation; from the sixties’ Beatles to the seventies’ Rush via the eighties’ Gary Numan and beyond, there really isn’t one specific audience this music is aimed at, minus the need for an audience that has a chip on their shoulder with the world we’re all residing in.



It’s to come across an artist as brave as Robert Nix

With so many artists focused on creating a ‘marketable’ sound, it can seem like there’s no real creativity around any more. Fortunately, it seems as though Robert Nix has no interest in taking the road most travelled. Instead the listener can expect to travel a road filled with unique soundscapes, blistering lyrics that demand an opinion, and inevitably, a road that we have not travelled ourselves.

You may think that Robert Nix a bit strange, or perhaps even a bit too brave in his music compositions, but what you can’t say is that he isn’t interesting, or that he isn’t talking about topics that matter to many of us. Check him out.


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