The youthful Bristolians have great taste in tunes

The Jacques make angry indie-punk songs with scruffy guitars and huge choruses. They also happen to be a rather tight live band. Don’t believe us? Just watch:



Not bad, eh?

We happen to think that they’re pretty flippin’ good. That’s why we asked the band to put together a playlist of their favourite songs, just for your listening pleasure. Luckily for us, they were more than up for it, and their frontman Fin sent back a list of absolute crackers. Here’s Fin telling you about a few of the songs he picked:

Cornershop – Don’t Shake It (Let It Free)

‘Cornershop are one of my favourite bands, so I put them on there; they’re really funny and don’t really give a fuck.



The Strokes – 12:51

‘This is on there because I remember Room On Fire being my only CD when I first got a Walkman. I was probably only about 10…



Dawn Penn – No No No

‘My favourite song in the world.



Check out Fin from The Jacques’ full playlist:


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