Here’s another amazing female vocalist for you

Chloe Baker is Bitter’s Kiss, and with her new (self-titled) album, Chloe aims to show her audience why she matters, and why you will want to pick her album up as soon as possible. Growing up in a musical household, Chloe’s father juggled a studio, a guitar collection and a band, as well as being active on musical theatre, so it’s no surprise that Chloe embraces music with her whole being.



She really does have a lovely voice

Let’s talk about The Rope. The song is stunning and ethereal, and the message is not for the faint of heart. Chloe’s strength lies is not only in her voice, but also in the maturity of the topics that she chooses to sing about. From the troubling act of suicide, to the emotional struggle of watching time pass far too fast, and to ultimately the greatest of human conditions – hope. Chloe‘s music is always thought-provoking, and it’s not afraid to tackle the big issues. We think that’s a beautiful thing.



She’s scarily young, too

Despite her youthful age, Chloe shows an impressive maturity in both her songwriting skills and her outlook on things. Her new album is a mix of pop meets dark indie, and what Chloe seems to ask us are important questions about how we feel about the events of our own lives. In many ways, these songs are safe to be played anywhere at all, and in a few others, her songs are meant to be listened to in the solitude of your own thoughts.



Chloe is definitely worth checking out

It is always impressive to see an artist chooses to not hide behind an abundance of metaphors to say important things, and for the very talented Chloe Baker, hiding behind anything is not an option. What she chooses to bring to the table is honest, pure and visceral, and the musical world is better for it.


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