It’s more than just a solid debut

We’re going to cut to the chase here: New York duo (and life-long friends) Danny Miller and Max Harwood – better known as Lewis Del Mar – have put together an exceptional piece of work for their self-titled debut album.



The album cover looks quite a lot like this

It’s safe to say that they’ve given it their all

Such Small Scenes kicks off the LP, and it instantly displays Lewis Del Mar’s remarkable instrumental skills. Distorted drumming and fine guitar riffs are accompanied by unique and gripping vocals, and it’s this that serves to set the tone for the whole album. From there, it’s on to Loud(y); it’s only the second track of the album, but it’s already evident that the band have poured their all into this record.



Things calm down in the second half

The latter half of the album lulls the listener into a state of calm, with the soft tones of Puerto Cabezas, NI and Tap Water Drinking ensuring that we’re well and truly chilled out by the time it reaches fan favourite, Malt Liquor. From there, it’s on to HDL and Islands, before the peaceful vocals of Live That Long bring us to the end of the album.



In short, it’s pretty bloody good

We could say that Lewis Del Mar’s debut album tells us a story of youth. We could say that the duo invite us in to their own privatised world – a world that is, for the most part, uninfluenced by the outside. Heck, we could even say that Lewis Del Mar have create an innovative record that is truly enjoyable for all kinds of listeners.

We’re not going to, though. What we will say is that Lewis Del Mar have crafted a spectacular debut that will put them on everybody’s musical radar. We’ll say that it’s brilliant, and that we love it. and that you need to hear it. What’s more important than that?



Stream Lewis Del Mar’s debut album on Spotify:



You can also buy Lewis Del Mar on iTunes, and stream it on Apple Music.


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