The talented teenager deserves your vote

We’ve told you a lot about Soham De. We’ve told you that he’s from King’s Lynn, and that he’s a stupidly talented singer/songwriter. We’ve told you that he’s a bona-fide vocal powerhouse, and that he’s one of our favourite emerging songwriters. Heck, we’ve even told you all about how he recorded a brilliant Selfie Session for us:



It’s time for you to cast your vote

In short, we think he’s fantastic. It’s clearly not just us who thinks that, either: Best of British – Unsigned have only gone and nominated him for their Best Unsigned Male award, and we think that he deserves to win it.

How can we win it? Well, he’ll have to impress a panel of judges that includes the likes of Frank Turner and Huey Morgan, but there is something that you can do to help him out. There’s a public voting panel taking place from today until Sunday the 23rd of October, and we think that your vote should go to Soham. If you agree, you can cast your vote here. If you don’t? Well, we’ll just leave you with this, and see if you’ve changed your mind by the end of the song:


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