She’s super-talented, and she’s got great taste in tunes

Have you heard of Norma Jean Martine? She’s an American singer/songwriter, and she makes soulful pop music that sounds a bit like a more cheerful Lana Del Rey. This is her new single, Want You To Want Me:



She’s not bad at all, is she

As it happens, we think she’s pretty great. Now, over the years, we’ve found that most people who make great music tend to have pretty good taste in music. So, we asked Norma Jean Martine to put together a playlist of her favourite songs, and we’re pleased to report that she sent back a list of absolute crackers. You can find her full playlist at the bottom of the page, but here’s Norma Jean telling you a bit about some of the songs she chose:

Nat King Cole – When I Fall In Love

‘This song sounds like my childhood. Nat King Cole had a voice like butter, and this song is – in my opinion – one of the best of all time.



Pavement – Spit on a Stranger

‘Indie-rock at its finest. I can literally listen to this record on repeat forever. My last boyfriend and I didn’t have a “song” – instead, I think we had this entire record.



Faith Hill ft. Tim McGraw – I Need You

‘Even after living in Nashville for a few years (and learning to appreciate country music and songwriting), this is still my favourite country song. The songwriter, Tony Lane, is a legend, and a big-time genius. He’s sort of like God over there.



The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody

‘This song makes me think of my dad. He’s kind of old school, so this is from his era. We daddy-daughter danced to this on a cruise ship once or twice.



Ani DiFranco – Not a Pretty Girl

‘This song is one that I really connected with in college. I didn’t feel like a typical girly-girl, and for that, I wasn’t really treated like one either. Girls that play up to a beauty standard are treated very differently than the ones who don’t. This song made me feel a lot less alone, and lyrically I’ve always tried to keep the “Ani-test” in mind. I think she’s one of the best lyricists of the modern era.



Check out Norma Jean Martine’s full playlist:



Norma Jean Martine’s debut album Only In My Mind is out now. You can get it here.

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