Turns out that they have great taste in tunes

Have you heard of The Magic Es? You haven’t? Well, they’re from the South-East of England, they make angry punk-rock music, and they sound quite a lot like this:



They’re not half bad, are they

We happen to think that they’re pretty good. Now, if we’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that bands who make great music usually have pretty great taste in tunes themselves. That’s why we asked The Magic Es to put together a playlist of their favourite songs, exclusively for your listening pleasure. You can find their full playlist at the bottom of the page, but here’s the band telling you a bit about why they chose a few of the songs:

New Order – Vanishing Point

Stuart (Drums): I came to New Order very late, but Technique was the sound of my youth. This track still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, with its haunting melody and smashing electronic snare. Sumners‘ lyrics spoke directly to my teenage angst!



Happy Mondays – Step On

Stuart (Drums): This tune kick started the nineties for me, and introduced me to the Madchester scene. I’m still an indie kid through and through, and this song has happily hugged me through the last 25 years – you can’t help but to dance like Bez to this track!



Small Faces – All Or Nothing

Pete (Guitar/Vocals)Steve Marriott has one of the greatest soul voices ever – he’s criminally underrated as a singer and a guitarist. This is one of his best performances, in my opinion; it’s the perfect guitar pop song, from the drum roll to the riff. It’s even got ‘ba ba baba’s’ in it – what’s not to like?! It’s a shame their career was blighted by poor management and dodgy record deals: in my mind, they were one of the most important bands of the sixties.



Velettes – I See Melody

Phil (Guitar)Velettes supported us earlier this year, and they blew me away. A dizzying combination of The Velvet Underground and The Jesus And Mary Chain creates a fresh and exciting sound, and one that’s delivered with style and class. Can’t wait to see them again.



The Stone Roses – Waterfall

Phil (Guitar): When I hear this I see George Best dancing down Deansgate with the world at his feet. Fantastic swagger, a band at their peak. It’s a great Rock and Roll song, and the yard stick by which all else is measured.



Check out The Magic Es’ full playlist:


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