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It’s almost as good as Closer

In all honesty, we’re not particularly sure about The Chainsmokers‘ new single.

It’s not a bad song. In a lot of ways, it’s actually pretty good. The production is great, the singing is decent, and it’s certainly catchy enough; heck, it’s hard to stop your foot tapping along to it. Sure, the lyrics might not mean much, and we might not really understand why they felt the need to chuck a female vocal in there, but all in all we’d say that it’s definitely a fairly pleasant pop song.

That’s the problem, though. As I’m sure you’ll agree, dear reader, their previous single – Closer – was an absolute, undeniable, 10/10 pop banger. We’re just not sure that this one has got quite enough of a chorus, or quite enough of a drop, to compete with it.

What do you think?


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