Turns out that they’ve got great taste in tunes

Meet Ghosts Of Social Networks. They’re a band from Manchester, and they write anthemic rock tunes with catchy melodies and choruses the size of houses. This is their new single; it’s called No Going Back, and it’s ace:



They’re not bad at all, are they

We happen to think that they’re pretty good. Now, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that people who make great music usually have pretty good taste themselves. That’s why we asked Ghosts of Social Networks to put together a playlist of their favourite songs, exclusively for your listening pleasure.

You can check out the full playlist at the bottom of the page. For now, though, here’s the band telling you a bit about why they picked some of the tracks on the playlist:

Nick Cave – God is in the House

‘It’s a perfect example of how Nick Cave can capture a whole community within a song.



Bruno Mars – 24k Magic

‘Nostalgic funk and Quincy-style synths are a guilty pleasure of mine.



True Widow – S:H:S

‘The simplicity of the groove and the low fuzzy guitars is just a gorgeous swooning combination.



The Blinders – Swine

‘They remind me of Nirvana. Watch ’em live. They’re visceral.



Serpentwithfeet – Blisters

‘Weird and beautiful. What a voice!



Check out Ghosts of Social Networks’ full playlist:


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