The funk master deserves more credit than he gets

Have you heard of Nile Rodgers? You haven’t? That’s okay – not many people have.

It’s not like he’s done much, really.

He only wrote all the good disco songs/a lot of the best hip-hop songs/some of the best pop songs of the last ten years. Oh, and he’s only taken over production duties for David Bowie/Madonna/Duran Duran/Daft Punk/Avicii. Pretty boring guy, really.


Nile Rodgers (1)

He seems to have done pretty well for himself

Need some more evidence that the man is a living legend?

Okay, then. Do you recognise any of these songs? They’re all tracks that Nile‘s produced, or co-written, or both:

David Bowie – Let’s Dance



Madonna – Like A Virgin



Daft Punk – Get Lucky



Chic – Le Freak



Sigala, John Newman, and Nile Rodgers – Give Me Your Love



He’s had a couple of hits, hasn’t he

We think that it’s a crying shame that Nile isn’t a household name, so we’ve put together a playlist of some of his best work, exclusively for your listening pleasure. Just so you know: we’ve included songs he’s produced, as well as songs he’s written, because his production discography is just too good not to shout about. Sit back, relax, and prepare to get your funk on:


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