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Meet Braggarts. They’re a three-piece indie-rock band from Switzerland, and they make upbeat guitar music with a hint of Bloc Party thrown in for good measure. This is their new single – it’s called Different Light, and we think it’s pretty good:



Turns out that they have cracking taste in music, too

Now, here at One on One, one of our absolute favourite things to do is to try and get inside the musical minds of the people who write our favourite songs. That’s why we asked Braggarts to put together a playlist of their favourite tracks, exclusively for your listening pleasure – and, of course, why we’re so chuffed that their playlist happens to be pretty flippin’ great.

You can find Braggarts‘ full playlist at the bottom of this post – but, for now, here’s each member of the band explaining why they chose a few of their songs:

Imagine Dragons – Nothing Left To Say

Raphael – ‘The smooth cello sound in Nothing Left to Say warms my heart every time I hear it. This son’g not only about the cello, though – it’s also got a groovy beat running throughout the entire song, which gives the track a cool boost of energy



P!NK – Please Don’t Leave Me

Ralph – ‘Me and my girl didn’t listen to the same kind of music when we met, so we needed to compromise a bit. When she was pregnant with our first son, she came around with a track from P!nk and I said… ‘Really?! Come on!’. But, after listening to it, I found that Please Don’t Leave Me is an emotional track with that roaring voice. It’s our “soundtrack”, dedicated to our first born son.



Nirvana – Something In The Way

Ralph – ‘My first ever CD was Nevermind. You gotta know that my parents really like music – older stuff, of course, like the Bee Gees and Elvis. So, when I listened to Nirvana, my parents went crazy because they didn’t like tracks like Come As You Are, Lithium and Smells Like Teen Spirit. So, I had to listen to all the other tracks as well, and with Something In The Way I found a song that not only worked for them, but also for me. It’s the melancholy and its simplicity – vocals, drums and cello – that make it so special.



Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus – The Night

Dionys – ‘Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus are a cool band to come out of Switzerland! When I saw them playing live for the first time, I immediately felt their passion on stage.



Carpark North – Army Of Open Arms

Raphael – ‘The influence of very modern electro sounds gives Carpark North something unique and memorable. For me, this Danish band are one of my best recent discoveries.



Like what you hear? Check out Braggarts’ full playlist:



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