You need to check this one out

Have you heard of Enola Fall? They’re a two-piece indie-rock band from Tasmania, and they make the sort of beautifully-layered guitar music that makes Thom York drool. Don’t believe us? Check out this BalconyTV session of them performing their track I Don’t Drive and see for yourself:



They’re not bad at all, are they

As a matter of fact, we think that they’re pretty flippin’ good. That’s why we were so chuffed when the band asked us whether we wanted to premiere the video for their new single London – an opportunity, of course, that we couldn’t pass up.

If you asked us to describe it, we’d tell you that the video is a vintage-as-hell clip that perfectly complements the track: but, why would we do that when you can just watch it for yourself? Enjoy:


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