This guy has got some serious talent

We think that you’ll be hearing a lot about Aaron Douglas over the coming months. After cutting his teeth playing guitar and bass for Cosmo Jarvis, the treacle-voiced singer/songwriter is gearing up to release his new EP, Torches, on October 6th. This is his last single – it’s called Shipwrecks, and we think it’s great:



We told you he was good

So, we’ve established that Aaron Douglas is a very, very good singer and songwriter. That just leaves one small, yet important question for us to answer – is he any good live?

The answer to that question, dear reader, is yes. How do we know? Why, because Aaron has recorded a special Selfie Session for us, of his performing his fantastic original song, Great Escape. We would tell you a little more about it, but we really think that you need to hear this for yourself – so, all that we’ll say is that we think it’s absolutely brilliant, and that we hope you enjoy it:


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