How did you kill time at university?

Did you laze around your flat, watching TV and eating enough takeaway pizza to feed a small army? Did you become a Pot Noodle connoisseur, spending more time waiting for the kettle to boil than you did doing any of your coursework? Or did you – whisper it – go to the library to do your seminar reading and work on your essays?

Hell, perhaps you did none of that. Perhaps – just perhaps – you grabbed a bunch of musical instruments, piled them into a beaten-up van with a few of your best friends, and hit the road to support one of the hottest new talents in British indie-rock.

Sound unlikely? Well, it shouldn’t; after all, it’s exactly what scrappy Coventry indie-rockers FEET have done.



These guys really aren’t half bad

It’s fair to say that they’re more than qualified for the job, too. We saw them support the ever-brilliant Declan McKenna at Bristol’s Bierkeller, and we actually think that they were pretty bloody great.

After all, it’s not often that a relatively unknown band can come on for a support slot, play half an hour of solidly catchy indie-pop music, and still leave the crowd wanting more by the end of it – but, these guys managed it. It’s not every day that you see a bunch of scruffy students from the Midlands stand on a stage and play the sort of instantly infectious guitar music that The Vaccines have been trying to perfect for the best part of a decade; but, again, these guys have managed it.



Check them out if you get the chance

We can only see them getting bigger, too. They’ve already been confirmed for some big gigs next year (including a support slot for The Courteeners at the brand new Neighbourhood Weekender in Warrington); and, as we may have mentioned, they know how to write a catchy tune or too. So, go and check out FEET if you get the chance – they won’t be playing venues this small for much longer.


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