A double serving of smashing sessions

Have you heard of The Dials? They’re a four-piece band from Brighton, and they make the sort of catchy indie-rock music that wouldn’t sound at all out of place blasting out of the speakers at your local indie disco sweat-pit at two o’clock in the morning. This is their latest single – it’s called Cuckoo Stone, and it’s ace:



That’s not a bad song, is it

As a matter of fact, we think that it’s really rather good. That’s why we asked The Dials if they would do us the honour of recording a special Selfie Session for us; and, much to our delight, they said yes. Here’s the result – a cover of Status Quo‘s Pictures Of Matchstick Men, recorded from a garage, exclusively for One on One’s Selfie Sessions:



You rather enjoyed that, didn’t you

Actually, we know for a fact that you did. Why? Well, because we all did; and, as you may well have gathered, we have impeccable taste.

Just kidding. As a collective, we’ve been to a few too many cheesy pop concerts to ever be able to seriously claim that our taste is impeccable. So, the only way that we can claim to know for sure that the video you just watched is to look at it objectively. Is it a great song? Of course it is. Did they perform it well? Damn right they did. Therefore, the only logical conclusion we can come to is that you must have enjoyed that video. It’s, like, science.

So, seeing as you enjoyed it so much, dear reader, we thought that it would be frightfully rude of us to not ask the band to record another Selfie Session for you – and, being the lovely gentlemen they are, the band were only too happy to oblige. Without further ado, here’s the second of our two Selfie Sessions from The Dials – a live performance of their track Sail No More, exclusively for your viewing pleasure:


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