We’ve got Matto Rules, we count them

We love a bit of Matto Rules here at One on One HQ. After all, why wouldn’t we? Their songs are sharp slices of guitar-rock goodness, and the band certainly know their way around a chorus or two. Don’t believe us? Take a moment to check this out – it’s called Dive, it’s their new single, and it’s ace:



They’re not bad at all, are they

We like them so much, that we asked them to put together a playlist of their favourite songs, exclusively for the listening pleasure of you lovely lot. You can find the band’s full playlist at the bottom of this page – but, for now, here’s Matto Sounds telling you a bit about why they chose some of the tracks in their hit-packed playlist:

Tom Vek – I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes

‘London’s eclectic one man band Tom Vek is another influence with his mix of indie rock, electronic music, punk, dance, new wave and garage. His unique approach to music also stems from the fact that he produced his early recordings in his parent’s garage. Not so different from us, really – our new album is one that we’ve produced by ourselves.



Soft Hair – Lying Has To Stop

‘Definitely one of the songs of 2017 from this congenial duo from New Zealand. Drawing from the 70’s and 80’s and adding their very own surreal flavor, they provide a unique and contemporary sound that we can totally relate to.



LCD Soundsystem – Black Screen

‘After 10 years, LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy is back with a new album and this brilliant song. It’s a tribute to David Bowie and definitely also to analog synthesizers, with which we fell in love a long time ago.



Talking Heads – Cities

Talking Heads‘ ‘Cities’ is a true inspiration for our approach to music. It mixes up styles such as post punk, wave, psychedelic and funk and creates a new unique entity. Recorded in 1979, it’s still relevant and many of the sound elements are incorporated by current artists.



Like what you’re hearing? Well, why not check out Matto Sounds’ full playlist here:


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